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7 Days Salvation
Genre : action,horror and adventure
Graphics : 3D , HD , 320x240
Language : chinese
Ukuran file : 27.05 MB
Format : *.sisx
Platform : symbian s60v3
Publisher : DINGOO GAMES

Game 7Days Salvation


info games 7 Days salvation

7days salvation adalah game horor grapich 3D dengan ukuran layar 320x240 . Game ini menceritakan tentang seorang penulis yang bernama ken . Di game ini diceritakan ken terjebak dalam rumah nya . Tak sadar ! Ini mimpi atau nyata .
Pemain akan menemui hal-hal yang janggal. akan menemui hal-hal yang aneh dalm rumah nya . Bertemu dengan hantu yang akan menghalanginya untuk menemukan jalan keluar .
Di game ini sang pemain hanya akan di bekali sebuah pisau . Jangan berharap akan menemukan pistol atau senjata lain nya .

Oke guys , at yg bingung memainkan game 7days salvation yg bhasa nya bhasa chinong, kami beri petunjuk game nya.

Petunjuk game 7Days Salvation

7 Days is developed with a software
rendering engine, Soft3D. The game can
run perfectly without any hardware
support, so it should support most of the
mobile phones in the market.

7 Days is completely real-time rendered, so what you see in the video are all real-
time 3D scenes, we didn't include any CG
Soft3D is a cross-platform game engine,
so 7 Days can easily support many
different platforms such as symbian, brew, wince, etc.

For the high-end mobile phones, it's
possible to add hardware accelerations,
and the visual effects will be improved
to an extremely high level.

7 Days is a 3D adventure game about a famous horror novelist, Salvator Ken,
who is 30 years old, quite dissocial. He
used to lock himself in his villa and think
about his novel alone. One day,
something strange happened, he was
trapped in his house! He can‘t escape! Is it just a dream? If it is, when could he
wake up?

7 Days tells a story about what
happened to Ken in these days. In the
game, the player's choice and
interaction may affect the following events. It's a game quite worth thinking,
but for the light users, the fine graphics,
vivid sounds, and interesting puzzles will
also bring them a great fun!

About the game system:

· Puzzles (Some puzzles require immediate decision and action, some
other puzzles may be vital for the whole

· Battles(You can fight with the primary
weapon, but sometimes using the
helpful items is a better choice.) · Hidings (You may find some hiding
places in the game, they are quite useful
for escaping from the strong bosses,
which should be a very exciting

· Traps (Traps may make damage to player, but you can also use them to
stop the enemies, or defeat them.)

Language : Chinese

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5 tanggapan untuk "7days Salvation s60v3 320x240 Cr@ked BinPDA | Symbian games"

Zirman pada 22:28, 13-Okt-12

Makasih, aye emang lg kesulitan nyari yg 320x240

virgo pada 00:12, 06-Nov-12

gan game nya masih pecah di e71 g mana ni kt nya resolusi layar nya 320x240 ...

Bls y gan gw pnsrn bnged ama gme ini

gaming pada 18:44, 13-Nov-12

pecAh Gmana mksud e gan ?
CobA pake rotateme , trus d seting ke 240x320 , bru buka game nya . .
Tp manx ia s gan , dh byk yg belum bs mainin di e71 gan .

muh yusuf pada 15:55, 14-Sep-14

mantap gan...? Kunball sob

ramli pada 11:42, 14-Jan-15

gan ada link yg lain ga, jangan masuk 4shared

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